If you are like most first-time home buyers, you have probably listened to your friends, family and coworkers on advice regarding buy a home. Buying the most appropriate new home is a lifetime decision that can be quite daunting at times. However, you should be motivated by all good reasons associated with buying a new home. Some of these benefits include; the pride of ownership, the high appreciation rates, capital gain exclusion, preferential tax treatment and building equity through mortgage reduction.

Historically, the average value of homes appreciates yearly. Additionally, rental rates fluctuate far more often than mortgage interest rates, and this makes owning a home a more secure option on matters dealing with future pricing. Aside from the above states benefits of owning a home, there are many other issues associated in the process of acquiring this property

It has never been an easy process to buy a home. This website has been established to help you overcome all obstacles encountered on the road to home ownership. We discuss all home issues related to the following aspects;

– The complete home buying process
– Home buying tips, tricks and techniques
– Reasons to purchase a new home
– How to overcome all home buying obstacles when buying your first home
– The housing market today
– What you need to know about mortgage
– The real cost of owning a home
– Home ownership tax deductions
– Selling your old home and the transfer process
– Smart steps every homeowner should take; Insurance, home repairs and maintenance.
– How to enhance the valuation of your home
– What you need to know about homeowner associations

Long-term home ownership provided financial security for retirement through the growth of equity and the ability to live rent free. If you sell your home, you do not have to pay any taxes on the profit that you make. Take advantage of our educational articles to plan your finances and be a successful homeowner.